Quality Assurance & CSR

We follow the general social values and business ethnics. While creating values for the world, we pay back the society from different aspects. Our facilities have passed social and quality audits by many world-class famous brands owners or their auditing agents.

We advocate a green environment and support sustainable development. For a long time, we have been purchasing sustainable raw materials, researching and developing sustainable production technologies, creating sustainable products, and protecting the environment in all aspects. At present, sustainable products have covered all clothing accessories such as fabrics, zippers, buttons, plastic products.

Inspection Center

The 8000m² SUMEC inspection center is located in Shengze, Suzhou. It is applied to professional inspection, integration and shipment of fabric and accessories for orders placed in Southeast Asian countries. It is well equipped with more than 10 sets of advanced devices and we adopt the international common inspection standards as well as full range of testing of fabric and accessories.

Testing Center

The 230m² SUMEC testing center is composed of Thermothermal constant humidity testing laboratory for physical properties, laundered appearance testing lab and rating room. The testing center, with more than 50 sets of advanced testing equipment and adopting international common testing standards and methods, covers full range of testing of textile and fabric.