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Fashion Design

We have a team of global designers from countries like China,UK, USA,Germany,Spain, catering to customers' requirements with their outstanding, experienced and professional skills, and being informed of the latest market trend and the most fashionable style and fabric in Western countries. By their efforts, over 2,000 internationally popular fashions are being researched and developed each year.

We have many design studios which are striving hard to build the ODM brand of SUMEC with their knowledge on fashion and trend.

3D R&D

SUMEC R&D platform utilizes 3D digital technology to assist in research and development, significantly improving research and development efficiency.

 Shorten sample development cycle
 Reduce sampling costs
 Reduce enviornment pollution and promote sustainable development

We use 3D technology to launch a series of sample books of raincoat,windbreaker, puffer jacket, jacket, yoga, etc.

Sample Development

With 300 professional garment technicians and sewing workers, SUMEC garment technology R&D center can have an annual sampling capacity of over 80,000 pieces of garments.

 Modern garment technology R&D center
 Intelligent CAD software for garment production and operation
 Efficient and integrated garment cutting equipment system
 Standard models used by key clients
 International first-class equipment

Fabric R&D

We have newly developed many high-quality fabrics such as "Skin-friendly Nylon" to provide customized development for MANGO, NIO Life and other clients.
For two consecutive years, we won the honor in the selection of China's popular and innovative fabrics and was awarded the "2022 Spring/Summer Fabrics China Appraisal Entry Enterprise".

SUMEC Developed Fabric Won the National Invention Patent

We developed and applied for the national invention patent of "A High Elastic Wear-Resistant Knitted Denim Fabric and Its Preparation Method" .Basedon this technology, we developed a new type of fabric "Micro-Carving Denim".

 Quick response to market needs with independent R&D capability.

 Understanding the market and being able to offer samples as per most brands' styles.

 Annual independent development of 3,500 types of new patterns and fabrics.

 Managing the supply of raw material from yarns to dye house at economic cost.